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Question 1:When I add a question option and view the resulting question, there is an additional radio button. Why is this happening?
Answer:It is only necessary to press Add before entering new option text. Do not press Add after adding options, press Accept to Save changes.

Question 2:When I have entered the Verification Password on the Define Parameters Screen, the buttons at the bottom of the screen remain disabled.
Answer:It is necessary to press Carriage Return to indicate that you have completed entering the verification text. When this is done the buttons will be accessible.

Question 3:When viewing items under construction, text does not display completely.
Answer:Each object displayed in the View Item screen has a small whitespace border. If objects overlap, one will be only partially displayed. Use drag and drop to reposition objects until they all display clearly.

Question 4:When using a JSP file to run a test from my server, the Rerun button displays the page as unavailable.
Answer:Ensure that the Entry parameter is set to "T" rather than "K". When used in this manner, the "K" parameter will disconnect from the server.

Question 5:Although the question appears in the Create Election screen, it fails to appear in the View Items Screen.
Answer:In the View Item Screen, press the Resize button and in the Resize Screen press Reset to increase the size of the question area. The question should now appear in the View Item Screen.

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