TestKit allows multiple choice and short answer exams, surveys and elections, previously administered in paper-and-pencil form to be computerised. This includes items containing graphics. The tests created by TestKit are superior to paper and pencil form tests as questions may include items containing sound.

Construct your own computerised test. The test constructor may choose the Biographical and Demographical details that a candidate must enter when the test is administered. Test questions, graphics, responses and response buttons may be placed on the screen using simple mouse drag and drop movement.

TestKit administers the tests to candidates and enforces test timing parameters:

q       The tests created may be run directly through the TestKit program;

q       The tests created may be run by passing parameters to the Tester program via a desktop icon;

q       The tests created may be bundled as stand alone executable jar files;

q       The tests created may be bundled with an HTML or JSP script to be run on your website. Report writing facilities exist within the package for the generation of these scripts.


Tests may be run in Preview mode, Feedback mode and in the normal result collection Test mode.

q       In Preview mode, results are not recorded and any restrictions set on the number of allowable test administrations are ignored;


q       In normal Test mode results are collected, timing parameters and restrictions on the number of test runs are enforced;


q       In feedback mode correct answers may be displayed as an aid to learning.


An online accounting facility is available so that a record may be kept of the number of runs of each exam, survey, or election, which have been distributed and returned.

TestKit scores the tests, analyses the results and produces reports of group and individual statistics. Graphical analysis is provided in the form of line graphs, histograms and pie charts. Results may be displayed and reports produced for the entire population taking the test, or for samples based upon values of the Biographical Details collected. Facilities are available for weighting results based upon the values of some of these variables.


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