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Example Test Types

Here's one I created earlier!

This section displays examples of typical test types which might be created using the TestKit package. The tests created may be run on a server, on a client or via a web page.

      * Delivery of tests on a server requires a graphics environment on the server or web server.

      * Running the test inline demonstrates the behaviour which would be expected if you plan to download tests to client machines. These programs download as executable jar files. In these examples, candidate results are saved on the Desktop of the client machine. For tests created using the package, the number of test runs delivered to the client machines may be restricted, if required. Your client machine will need to be rebooted before these result files may be deleted.

      To run these examples you will require a Java Runtime Environment of 1.4 or higher installed on the client machine.

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         TestKit Market Research Questionaire (example survey type)



         Brilliant Brainteasers (example election type)


         Miracles, Myths and Magic (example custom type)


         Postcards (example album type)


         Demo (example exam type)


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